1. What if my project is hard to describe in an email?

    Please submit an inquiry including attached images or other materials to:
    If you’d like to discuss your project on the phone or in a video call in English, please make arrangements with us beforehand by email.

  2. Do you work with individuals, schools, organizations, or individual business owners?

    Yes, we work with all of those. Please contact us for more information.

  3. Is there a minimum or maximum order size?

    We accept orders as small as single items. Small orders may be more expensive on a per-item basis, but we are happy to accommodate such requests. Maximum order sizes differ according to the item in question, so please consult with us for more information.

  4. Are these items expensive?

    While high-end products that make significant use of traditional arts techniques have high prices, we can accommodate your budget and manufacture items with low costs by choosing appropriate materials and techniques. We will also provide different options to find the perfect balance of cost and quality.

  5. Do you charge for sample items?

    We charge a sample fee even when the customer ends up placing an order. While there are cases in which we produce a replica of the object or product itself as a sample, we can also provide images or construct simple, low-cost samples if those methods fit the project.

  6. Do you also design products and art objects?

    We do. We will consult with you regarding your preferences to develop products of unique origins all the way from the initial design stage.

  7. How long will it take to receive delivery?

    Traditional art objects take time to create. Even in the best of circumstances it will likely take six months or more from an initial consultation to the delivery of the finished pieces.
    As such, please contact us so we may get started promptly.

  8. How do you store the data I send to you?

    When storing copyrighted data or other such information, we designate a data handler and act scrupulously to avoid the loss or disclosure of your data. Please rest assured that your data is safe with us.

  9. How will our meetings take place?

    We begin our relationships through an exchange of email. After this, if there is a need to communicate in person, we will visit your place of business or welcome you to our offices.
    If you do visit our offices, you will be able to see our actual products and tour the workshops of our craftspeople, leading to a deeper understanding of how our company creates its products. Please understand that some of our workshops cannot be toured, either because they are very distant or because of the nature of the work involved.

  10. Do you have examples of the products you’ve created at your shop?

    We have a retail store for Buddhist altars and implements called “INOUE Buddhist Altars” in Hikone city in Shiga Prefecture. A portion of the products we have created are exhibited at this shop. We welcome customers who would like to see actual examples of our work to visit this store. Please let us know what kinds of products you would like to see beforehand for a smooth experience. Some of our products are kept in storage, so please inquire with us.
    Also, in some cases, it is possible to ship our products for those who live far away or are otherwise unable to visit our store.

  11. Is it possible to place repeat orders for the same product?

    It is. We can also make design or pattern changes for the first, second, or third orders.