INOUE brings the objects that our clients desire to life by combining various traditional arts and crafts.
By integrating a wide variety of both traditional and modern materials and techniques, we help to create objects and develop brands with unique origin stories that leverage the power of traditional arts together with brilliant design.

Creating objects with unique origins (integrated arts)

Selected Works

  1. Craft Art PanelsArt panels expressing the overlapping histories of Nara's cityscape
  2. Maki-e Art Panels for a Luxury HotelFine art panels express the beauty of the regionality
  3. hikoneutenaDisplay stand using traditional Japanese shapes, materials, techniques, and qualities.
  4. Watch Case KAIBeautiful art objects adorning devices of unparalleled quality
  5. HumidorA high-functioning, high-quality humidor built using precise woodworking techniques
  6. chanto — Gifts and SouvenirsCafe ware made of natural wood and colored lacquer
  7. Watch Case (SEIKO Credor Special Package)This packaging, made with natural lacquer finished with a high gloss, acts as a stage for the product it contains.
  8. Kokocool Trophy
INOUE Selected Works

Craft Elements

  1. Woodworking
    Working with unfinished wood is an importa...
  2. Kuden
    The detailed wood construction of the mini...
  3. Lacquering
    Lacquer is Japan’s exceptionally beautiful...
  4. Colored lacquer
    At INOUE, our lacquer craftsmen have creat...
  5. Maki-e
    Maki-e is an artistic lacquer technique th...
  6. Kirikane zaiku
    Kirikane zaiku is a decorative tech...
  7. Raden zaiku
    Raden zaiku refers to another decor...
  8. Gold plating (Hakuoshi, hakuhari, or hakuoki)
    Hakuoshi is a decorative technique ...
  9. Decorative fixtures (kazarikanagu)
    While various types of metal fixtures are ...
  10. Carving
    Carving involves using a chisel or other i...
  11. Bringing out the wood grain (mokumedashinuri)
    Mokumedashinuri is an advanced lacq...
  12. Rubbed or brushed lacquer (suriurushi or fukiurushi)
    Suriurushi is a technique that invo...
All Craft Elements


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We warmly welcome inquiries about how we create and develop our products using traditional artistic techniques. This includes:

Inquiries about made-to-order production or the development of art objects.
Inquiries about OEM for traditional arts.
Inquiries about developing brands and products that use traditional artistic techniques.
Inquiries about introducing or adopting products, spaces, and materials with Japanese origins.
Other questions or concerns related to traditional artistic techniques.