Creating objects with unique origins (integrated arts)

We’d like to discuss the various “integrated arts” that we’ve produced so far, as well as the unique and particularly Japanese origins of these projects.
We are able to give each of our projects unique origin stories by combining various traditional arts techniques.
At INOUE, we create brands and products imbued with particularly Japanese origin stories by integrating and composing traditional materials and techniques and contemporary materials.

  1. Craft Art PanelsArt panels expressing the overlapping histories of Nara's cityscape
  2. Maki-e Art Panels for a Luxury HotelFine art panels express the beauty of the regionality
  3. hikoneutenaDisplay stand using traditional Japanese shapes, materials, techniques, and qualities.
  4. Watch Case KAIBeautiful art objects adorning devices of unparalleled quality
  5. HumidorA high-functioning, high-quality humidor built using precise woodworking techniques
  6. chanto — Gifts and SouvenirsCafe ware made of natural wood and colored lacquer
  7. Watch Case (SEIKO Credor Special Package)This packaging, made with natural lacquer finished with a high gloss, acts as a stage for the product it contains.
  8. Kokocool Trophy
  9. Watch Winder Case DANA watch case featuring the most incredible techniques developed out of Hikone Buddhist altar production.
  10. Watch Case KUDEN (Winder)A painting of maki-e surrounded by a fascinating frame built using square kuden framing
  11. Decorative Yakihaku PanelsApplying metal leaf to craft a new space
  12. Colored/Maki-e Art PanelsFine art panels express the beauty of the seasons
  13. KISSHO Watch WinderBeautiful art objects adorning devices of unparalleled quality
  14. HAFU Watch Case (Winder)A pedestal with substance and style produced with using the kumiko technique
  15. Temple AltarHIKONE Household Buddhist Altar, recipient of the Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Association Award.
  16. Kuroto, a Compact Household Buddhist AltarAn elegant square-shaped altar finished with a deep black lacquer
  17. Meiso, a Compact Household Buddhist AltarAn altar with a refreshing, modern appearance
  18. Shiga-demy Awards TrophyShiga-demy Awards Trophy
  19. SHIHOU, Winder Watchcase A treasure chest painted with lacquer on all sides and treated with maki-e
  20. Square, Wooden Flower VasesSimple flower vases created using traditional arts techniques
  21. Nesting TablesNesting tables adorned with cotton rose raden and maki-e, representing the beauty of change.